Meet our Mental Health Counselors

Adrienne White headshot.jpeg


Mental Health Counselor- Pennsylvania

Adrienne is a Licensed Social Worker, holding both a Bachelor and Master of Social Work from Millersville University.  She is trained in multiple modalities and uses a selectively eclectic approach to meet the needs of her clients.

Adrienne believes in a collaborative approach to assist clients in exploring barriers to leading the life they desire. 

Through a trauma lens, Adrienne creates a safe and healing space to assist in identifying adaptations developed for survival that are no longer serving the client. These maladaptive patterns while at one time offered protection are often driving processes that keep us stuck. Through identifying these patterns, clients are able to move from surviving to thriving.

If you are quarantined fatigued, feeling overwhelmed by the demands of life, let’s work together to identify self-care strategies, stress management and self-care techniques. 

Kaitlyn Mensch Headshot.jpeg


Mental Health Counselor- Pennsylvania

Kaitlyn is a Licensed Social Worker, holding a Bachelor's and Master's of social work degree from Alvernia University. Kaitlyn focuses on incorporating client interests and ideas into treatment to best serve all populations.

Kaitlyn believes in working as a multidisciplinary professional to best serve the needs of clients. 

She believes in facing reality and finding realistic ways to deal with everyday stressors as well as life-changing experiences. Kaitlyn uses a trauma-informed, client-centered approach when working with clients, and believes in utilizing cognitive behavioral therapy informed skills. Kaitlyn believes in using treatment modalities specific to the needs of each client as well as using psycho-education to help educate clients on mental health. 

We can’t forget the importance of taking care of ourselves, let’s work collaboratively to find techniques that are catered toward your specific needs to improve your self awareness, stress management, self care, and overall well-being.