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The Umoh Foundation

The Umoh Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that empowers families in custody conflicts to avoid the suspense and trauma of the courtroom by doing custody mediation and custody evaluation instead. By assisting households in resolving disputes, we believe that we can aid families to be one step closer to the only thing that matters in life peace.


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The Umoh Foundation is in the business of promoting family stability through dispute resolution. The work that we do as neutral professionals allow each side to voice their concerns in a sincere and productive manner. Every family is unique and as such, we focus on creating long-lasting and cost-efficient personalized solutions that all parties will benefit from.

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Custody Mediation

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Nobody knows your children better than you do. Through virtual mediation, you have the power to resolve custody, visitation, and child support concerns without dealing with the delay, unpredictability, expense, and trauma that court proceedings impose. As trained and competent neutral mediators, we use both our legal and social work backgrounds to assist parents with creating long-term solutions that will benefit the family for generations to come.

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Custody Evaluation

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Nobody wins when the family feuds. In a custody evaluation, a trained and skilled social worker will conduct a neutral investigation for families who are having difficulties in settling a legal dispute over custody and visitation. The evaluation is summarised into a highly influential report that a judge may consider when making their decision or it can be used as a guideline to assist parties with settling the case. This can be extremely useful in relocation cases, abuse and neglect allegations, or simply when one parent thinks that the other parent is "unfit".

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"The emotional despair of trying to find yourself is far greater than any physical pain that a human can endure. In those trying times, never forget that you are not alone."

EJ Umoh