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Resolve Custody Disputes Without Court

Philadelphia Custody Mediators

  Whether it's a disagreement on parenting schedules, child support, or everything in between, our 501(c)(3) non-profit can help resolve those issues in the convenience of your own home. Your family dispute can't wait. Mediate! Click the link below to schedule a free consultation.


The Umoh Foundation uses alternative dispute resolution techniques to resolve your family matters outside of a courtroom. Our work as neutral professionals not only saves you time, money, and emotional energy, but we also increase the likelihood of a successful compromise between parents.

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Control Your Own Destiny

Nobody knows your children better than you do. Through virtual mediation, you have the power to resolve custody, relocation, and visitation concerns without dealing with the unpredictability, expense, and trauma that court proceedings impose. As trained and competent neutral mediators, we use both our legal and social work backgrounds to assist parents with creating long-term solutions that will benefit the family for generations to come.

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More Money Less Problems

It's no secret that children are expensive. So expensive that parents will generally pay thousands of dollars in legal fees to ensure that they only pay a few hundred dollars monthly in child support. Through mediation, you can pay or receive the same amount of child support without the court procedure, delay, and legal fees. Whether you're a custodial parent trying to receive more in child support or a non-custodial parent that wants to pay a more affordable price, our mediators can help you settle on a middle ground that will be in the best interest of your children. After all, why spend money on lawyers when you can spend it on your kids?

  • What type of custody cases do the mediators handle?
    We handle the following: child support, parenting time, visitation, school decisions, medical decisions, relocation, contempt and other parental decisions on a case by case basis.
  • What is custody mediation?
    Custody mediation is when a neutral professional (aka a mediator) negotiates an agreement between parents.
  • How does mediation keep me out of court?
    Over 90% of family court cases are settled out of court as a result of a negotiated settlement. Through mediation, we achieve the same result of a negotiated settlement as most parents do in court while cutting through the red tape of paying for lawyers and filing fees.
  • How long is a mediation session?
    We work around both parents schedules so that will be decided by you and your co-parent. Sessions can be scheduled in 1 hour time slots or 3 hour time slots depending on both parents' availability.
  • How long would it take to mediate my case?
    It depends. Since the process focuses on both parents the length can vary. Typically, cases can range from 2 hours to 10 hours to resolve.
  • How much does mediation costs?
    As a non-profit, we use donations to reduce the costs of your sessions. We operate on a sliding scale so that you only pay for as much as you can reasonably afford?
  • Can mediators give legal advice?
    As a third party neutral, we cannot give legal advice as that would be considered unauthorized practice of law. We can refer parents to family lawyers throughout the Philadelphia area to review memorandum of understanding agreements.
  • Are mediation sessions 100% virtual?
    Yes! We use Google Meets as our video conferencing platform to conduct mediation sessions.
  • Can I mediate my case even though I filed a court petition?
    Yes. Parents can mediate a case at any stage of the litigation process. Just be sure to inform attorneys on both sides when an agreement has been reached.
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